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PCI DSS Compliance

How can you identify all documents that contain confidential cardholder data and see how those documents are being used? 

How can you define and automate policies that rigorously protect these documents — wherever they happen to be?

How can you document this PCI compliance to internal and external auditors?

When cardholder data finds its way into unstructured data, it can be difficult to identify and protect it. Worse yet, cardholder data in this form can be easily shared, copied and emailed.  It can wind up in new files with different names and formats. It can be stored anywhere and everywhere. And it can end up stored in places where access permission policies aren’t always accurately or consistently applied. All of this makes it extremely difficult to ensure that PCI requirements are correctly and consistently applied to cardholder information within unstructured data. 

Do you have a way out of this dilemma?

A clever technology is key for PCI compliance!

To fully comply with PCI requirements, you must be able to fully understand how these documents are used, who has access to them, where they are stored. Only then can you create and apply the policies and business practices needed to effectively protect cardholder information.

With NogaLogic you can ensure PCI compliance for unstructured data:

  • Automatically identify documents containing credit card numbers and regular expressions – stored in any data repository.
  • Understand the business context of documents containing PCI data.
  • Get detailed reports, tailored for PCI, that analyze the lifecycle of documents, and expose and fix informal/improper business processes
  • Get a full audit history on all documents containing PCI data
  • Track the email distribution of all documents containing PCI data, and shows to whom and by whom each document was emailed
  • Automatically move/copy documents containing PCI data to secure storage on an ongoing basis.

Nogacom delivers an effective process for assessing and addressing security and PCI compliance risks related to unstructured data — so you can protect cardholder data and your relationships with your customers.

To protect cardholder data and meet PCI compliance requirements contact Nogacom today >>>

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