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Are you using Business Entities for your Search?

Enterprise Search is a common practice of making content searchable to a defined audience. Therefor multiple enterprise type sources like Data Repositories and Databases should be connected to the search algorithm. Business search is typically using Business Entities for building a search criteria because the initiating question comes from a business point of view.

Example: What was the latest contract we had with a customer / supplier?

For providing an answer to this search request, means to display all relevant information - it will be a big advantage having your unstructured data under controle of a Business Entity using technology like NogaLogic. In such case the search request just picks out the relevant Business Entity and shows the matching documents in the User Interface.

Business Entity Search gives you the advantage that everything you are looking for is dealing with a business context and based on this it can be easly displayed. The correlation in-between business context and business search is intrinsic and will show results much quicker, more precise and without false positives. If you are using Enterprise Search for eDiscover or Forensic purposes you can also add more details like further explanations, synonyms, regular expressions, keywords, time frames, specific storage locations or other details like names, adress details, numbers and more. 

How can you implement Enterprise Search in your organisation?

The first step is to make your content searchable. Using our NogaLogic data classification software it will automatically analyse and correlate all relevant content associated with any business context into a single database. This Database called "NogaLogic Data Warehouse" becomes the searchable plattform which will allow you using various Business Entity Search Queries plus adding further advanced search criterias.

The second step is to add more data repositories to NogaLogic to enhance the underlaying set of data for getting more results. Once you have all information embedded into your NoagLogic Data Warehouse you also can add Busines Intelligence analytics.

The third step is to extend the Enterprise Search capability into an analytical instrument for eDiscovery and Forensic Search. 

For further details on our NogaLogic Enterprise Serach capabilities come in contact with us. 

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