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Cloud migration has on big value - it is cost efficient but it also has a lot of challenges. Data Security is a big issue and cloud storages which are located in foreign contries and not following the lokal data privacy act is another major point. Out of this you have to define a migration strategy for the data you really want to move to the Cloud. Therefore when migrating to a cloud companies need to be able to accurately identify and control which data gets moved and which data doesn’t. In many cases companies want to ensure that files with sensitive, proprietary content are not migrated to the cloud but are left within the organization's firewall. Moreover, companies don’t want to waste money by moving copies, versions, personal audio and visual files, or redundant data.

The right Cloud preperation is the key to success

  • How can you identify the right selection of your data? 
  • How can you intelligently separate the important/sensitive business information from unimportant or redundant data?
  • How can you streamline your ongoing cloud data management tasks so they don’t consume time, effort resources you need for other vital IT operations?

A clever technology is key for all of this!

Of particular value for cloud migration, is NogaLogic’s ability to automatically identify and classify unstructured data based on its business context and value to your organization. NogaLogic scans file content and properties to determine whether files contain information about specific customers, products, markets, business units, competitors, etc.  Through its data classification process it can determine whether files contain sensitive data — as well as if they are actually copies or versions of other files. NogaLogic also captures file metadata, file access histories, and email distribution information. 

Once you have fully identified and can fully understand the business context of your data you can create and automatically run policies in NogaLogic that migrate only appropriate files to the cloud – such as non-sensitive information.  And NogaLogic can apply these migration policies to new, relevant files on an ongoing basis.

With NogaLogic you can optimize the selective migration of unstructured data to a cloud computing service.

To start optimizing your cloud data migration processes contact Nogacom today

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