CLASSIFY first, plan earlier

Nogacom changes the way companies can and should go about managing their data – making it a far simpler and easier process than before. Nogacom’s approach of "classify first, plan earlier" eliminates the significant challenges, complexity and fear that companies have when attempting to initiate an effective data management strategy.

You no longer need to spend significant time and resources attempting to blindly guess the best way to go about it. Instead, with the insights gleaned through NogaLogic you now have a realistic picture of your data environment and the risks hidden within it. With this knowledge you can start planning the most suitable strategies, the right resources and technologies needed to effectively and realistically address a wide variety of challenges such as regulatory compliance, PCI DSS compliance, Cloud Computing, eDiscovery, data migration and archiving and much more.

Again, what does it mean "Classify first"?

We simply are saying - before running several meetings with Manager from all kind of departments, locations, knowledege carrier and person in authority to identify how to manage and controle the corporate data environment - start with the automated NogaLogic classification and get a detailed overview about what kind of data you have. Once you know this, then you can invite Manager and Specialist for strategy meetings how will be the best way of handling such data. Means, before spending time, ressources and money for meetings get first the classification results which will make this meeting efficient. We suggest and promote changing the process for beeing more efficent.

What can you expect?

Through our automated data classification process, NogaLogic provides unparalleled visibility into your corporate unstructured data. It identifies, classifies and organizes unstructured data based on its business context and value to your specific company – and it tells you where this data is stored and how it’s being used across the organization. All documents are automatically and accurately classified and organized according their actual business context — whether this context is related to a customer, a patient, a product, marketing program, a sales channel or supplier, an office or any combination thereof – without the need for any pre-conceptions, preliminary or manual work or end-user involvement.

Plan earlier and save time and money!

By using the inverse chronology - classify first - you get results which will show how your data is used by business context. This advance in knowledge will save your money and time by helping you to decide which the best data management strategy could be. 

Typical questions which you are now able to answer:

Q: Which data should be managed by regulatory compliance?

A: NogaLogic shows the business context and the data which matches this context. Take the Report or use the NogaLogic UI.

Q: Which data is my sensitive data and where are they stored and used?

A: NogaLogic shows all of the sensitive data based on the business context. Take the Report or use the NogaLogic UI.

Q: What kind of data formats and amount do I have?

A: NogaLogic shows in detail what kind of data, formats and amount you have. Take the Report or use the NogaLogic UI.

Q: How many data like Copies & Version do I have?

A: NogaLogic shows all Copies & Versions and also the accuracy from each other. Take the Report or use the NogaLogic UI.

Q: How is the Access, Permissions and Usage of my data?

A: NogaLogic shows the permission groups, single user and how the data is used. Take the Report or use the NogaLogic UI.

For further details download our White Paper - Classify First, plan earlier!

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